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Welcome to the official webpage for Anthony of CANADIAN AWARENESS™

​​Anthony is the official and authorized Reptilian channeler and contactee of KALASK Alpha Draconis (Jan 2024) and THETA TAURI (Oct 2021) providing interstellar intelligence on ET ED consciousness & contact, ancient civilizations and spirituality along with education on Reptilian and Alpha Draconian hierarchy systems in our Galaxy.

Come as you are

Anthony has had the sincere pleasure of interactions and experiences through ET ED connections, communications and co-creations with numerous Humanoid, Reptilian and Alpha Draconian races ranging from THETA TAURI to KALASK.

He is the face behind the CANADIAN AWARENESS™ Podcast and a leading educator on Reptilian and Alpha Draconian consciousness.

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1-on-1 coaching

Due to extraordinarily beneficial ET communication and co-creation with ET ED races from Draco Constellation, Taurus Constellation and Bootes Constellation, Anthony has had the sincere honor to be taught and educated on vast amount of spiritual, energetic, mental and  Soul related lessons.

Anthony is a professional trance channeler who offers 1-on-1 private coaching, classes, seminars, mentorship, workshops, and How-To-Channel courses.

1-on-1 training

Join Anthony on a private 1-on-1 online training course as he teaches you How-To-Channel both in trance and non-trance, as he covers the safest, most effective and efficient authentic channeling methods not available anywhere.

Exercises, advice, instructions and techniques were directly given to Anthony by his own counterparts at THETA TAURI and KALASK, as well as his 4th, 5th and 6th density Higher Fractal Consciousness layers.

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official apparel

We are your place for the official CANADIAN AWARENESS™ gear and merchandise. Our store will offer a wide selection of uniquely custom embroidered high quality and brand name clothing products ranging from Stormtech, Lacoste and Under Armour brands.

Anthony’s goal is to offer access to a a variety of top quality and custom made/embroidered products to all proud Reptilian and Alpha Draconian starseeds, channelers and contactees to support celebrate their origin, passion, excitement, courage and most importantly proudness – Reptilian proudness!

KALASK Channeling

As of January 2024, Anthony is the official and authorized channeler of 6.9 Density Alpha Draconis KALASK Reptilian race with an official contract awarded by the Council of KALASK.  2024 will be devoted to calibration and tuning to KALASK’s frequency and in Q4 2024 private along with group sessions will start.

For more information on KALASK and Anthony’s contract, as well as to be placed on a mailing list, please visit the official KALASK website: www.Kalask.ca

kalask book

Anthony is currently in the process of writing his first book based on his own authentic and extraordinarily experiences becoming an Extradimensional channeler, building rapport and communications with ET and ED Reptilian races ranging from THETA TAURI to KALASK, as well as his own history of involvement with vast amount of other official groups within Alpha Draconis.

Estimated release: Q1 2025

news and events

Visit our NEWS page for most up date news and events that relate directly to Anthony including all current and future dates of all exhibitions, events, expos and trade shows will be posted here including upcoming live channeling events, annual USA, European and Emirates tours, retreat and podcast appearances.

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