​Welcome to the official webpage for CANADIAN AWARENESS™
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Welcome to the official webpage for CANADIAN AWARENESS™

​​Anthony is an ExtraDimentional trance channeler and contactee providing interstellar intelligence on ET consciousness & contact, ancient civilizations, spirituality & UFOlogy along with disclosure of fraudulent galactic federations and artificial intelligence infiltration.

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Anthony has had the sincere pleasure of interactions and experiences through ET & ED connections with the Aquatic, Zeta Reticuli and Feline races as well as numerous Reptilian races from the Theta Tauri, Bootes, Teoto, Rigel, Parallel 33, Capella, and the Alpha Draconian Empire including DeMonGa, Ciakar and Kalask.

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Your own galaxy for interstellar and galactic conversation where Anthony will explore multidimensional human DNA and origins, ancient secrets and spiritual practices, human incarnation mechanism and celestial influence on humanity.

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