Anthony is an extradimensional trance channeler and contactee taking pride in forwarding authentic interstellar and celestial intelligence to those with an open mind desiring higher forms of galactic information. In addition, he is the face behind CANADIAN AWARENESS™ Podcast launched in November 2022.

He is a proud speaker on the subjects of ET ED contact, professional trance channeling and the current involvement of other off-planet species with humanity. He is known for his boldness, uniqueness, full transparency & deep diving into some of the most unique interstellar fields and topics.

He proudly holds a recognized position in the professional channeling industry as a very  outspoken THETA TAURI Reptilian trance channeler and speaker who always provides actionable insights and authentic interstellar intelligence to help people surpass their limits – both personally and socially imposed – and the limiting beliefs and illusions stemming from internet based misinformation and disinformation.

He is commonly known as a speaker who covers topics of ET ED consciousness, secrets of human incarnation and Soul, galactic and celestial intelligence, along with standard human weaknesses, resistances, programming and conditions including hidden truths about ancient advanced civilizations.

Anthony’s mission, goal and deepest excitement is to personally connect and communicate with the most dominant, recognized and intense consciousnesses in the Galaxy regardless of their appearance, density levels or energy orientaion. These consciousnesses include Reptilian, Alpha Draconian, Humanoid, Aquatic and Feline beings all of whom who reside in different realities, dimensions and densities. Anthony then proudly forwards the profound information conveyed by these beings to humans in order to to assist them, help them and to inspire them to grow outward mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

His goal is to build a bridge via trance channeling between open-minded humans and ET ED races/consciousnesses and along the way help others create deeper connections with themselves and ET ED energies to create a greater and more positive impact on the world. He sees trance channeling as an extraordinarily rewarding avenue by which to ignite the powerful consciousness inside of him to push his own human limits as well as a powerful tool to open and connect all of the parts of himself and the different layers of his own Lower fractal, Higher fractal, Oversoul and galactic family.

His conversations go far beyond the boring and standard spiritual “5D-Love-Light-Unicorn-Rainbow” conversations done repeatedly by amateurs addicted to escaping reality, wasting precious time and stealing human thought form.

Expect to find answers even to the questions you didn’t even ask when speaking to Anthony as his detailed and bold explanations will shock and make you question your entire human 3D existence. Anthony will not discuss ways to help you feel safe and comfortable in mediocrity and fear-based thinking. He will not co-sign on your fake ideas and incorrect information.  Anthony will discuss how to challenge human beliefs and limits in life while exploring dominant ways to infuse truth, empowerment, fearlessness, courageous decision-making, excitements, confidence, bravery and pride into daily life along with thought-provoking segments of authentic Galactic intelligence and channeled information.

His knowledge is obtained directly from trance channeling, contacts and direct communicating with Humanoid and Reptilian races including Theta Tauri. This knowledge includes a vast amount of deep galactic and celestial Reptilian subjects, planetary conflicts and trading, hybridization programs and off-planet technologies, functionality of portals and craft visitations, as well concepts of maximizing human potentials and dimensional limitations, enabling higher percentages of telepathy and DNA access, integration and incorporation of ET ED consciousness, integration of lower and higher Soul layers into daily 3rd Density layer, detection of astral avatar insertions and Artificial Intelligence hijacking.

Anthony’s knowledge and teachings also cover the removal of human fear and traumas from unconscious and subconscious layers, the integration of the more than 120 Soul layers of the human (both in lower and higher fractal consciousness), and techniques embracing dominant Reptilian mental and psychic warfare to help all humans obtain a more stronger and beneficial life.

Anthony is an Eastern European born unapologetic and relentless speaker who talks openly with full transparency about the large disadvantages of standard human weak emotions, submissive and passive attitudes, while highlighting the strong importance of using courage, dominance, bravery, consistency and pride in every decision in life.

Anthony has published videos on a variety of galactic topics including the Moon, Mars, Saturn, ET Contact, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Black Satellite, Anunnaki, The Template Layer, Dinosaurs, Dream Hijacking, Astral Avatars, St Germaine, GeoEngineering, Chemtrails, Sphinx, Pyramids, Sasquatch, Crop Circles, and exposing fraudulent concepts such as Galactic Federation of Light hoax, Galactic Federation of Worlds hoax, Ashtar Command hoax and Taygeta Erra hoax.

Additionally, he has proudly forwarded and channeled honorable and truthful intel on these subjects and is a prevalent, persistent leader in exposing hoax material, fraudulent channelers and scams within the UFOlogy, spiritual and channeling communities.

Anthony offers professional trance channeling, 1-on-1 coaching and training including seminars and courses.

European & Emirates Tour 2022

In Sept & Oct 2022, Anthony travelled across the world completing his first annual European, Russian and United Emirates Tour.


He visited 11 countries while teaching, tutoring and working 1-on-1 with a diverse client base ranging from Croatia, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia, EUA, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium and UK.


For most recent tour details and dates, please visit our NEWS page.

USA Tour 2022

In May and June 2022, Anthony travelled across the United States completing his first annual USA Tour.


He worked with groups and clients in Niagara Falls, Boston, Newark, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, Tucson, Phoenix, Sedona, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Newark, Denver and Chicago.


For most recent tour details and dates, please visit our NEWS page.

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