The mission of the podcast is to transform and empower humanity with each and every video, broadcast, channeled message, event, interaction, conversations and debate. The aim is to improve our human collective and connect everyone with their limitless inner powers and multidimensional nature while encouraging growth and action with honor and courage.

Podcast will orient toward spirituality, UFOlogy, alchemy, ancient civilizations and Interstellar secrets, personal development and empowerment including mental growth.

The Podcast is your own galaxy for interstellar and galactic conversation where Anthony will explore multidimensional human DNA and origins, ancient secrets and spiritual practices, human incarnation mechanism and celestial influence on humanity.

Anthony’s purpose is to uncover the hidden truth of inner Soul, mental power, ancient secrets and interstellar concepts and then provide an energetic road map to maximize one’s current life path and how to align that path with empowerment, courage and a deeper connection with self.



Anthony holds nothing back in his brand new podcast as he takes on the cultural and spiritual issues of the day featuring deep dives and challenging conversations on empowerment of humanity using brave and bold, solution-based and thought-provoking concepts. He offers strong guidance for navigation of daily life with empowerment, dominance, analytical thinking and enthusiasm.

Within each episode, Anthony will profile how his guests have turned their own fears, agonies, disappointments, weaknesses and difficulties in life into strengths, stability, lessons and courageous and prideful actions. Discussions are centered around how spirituality and determination, consistency, strong tenacity and will power have assisted them on their life path. These true stories serve to embolden others to integrate truth, honor, dominance, and dignity within their own lives and provide a template for getting out of fear-based victim mentality and into cosmic expansion.


The podcast is a bold dive into mind-bending discussions on interstellar and galactic subjects, human Multidimensional DNA, our existence and purpose, universal duality and secrets of this reality matrix. It is yet another tool to tap into new and deeper energetics and begin to align with your sense of truth and highest honor.

There are many things in life that cannot be explained by science, educational or religious systems, society’s prescribed statements and conditioning, coincidence or luck. Some answers to these elements come deep from within, and sometimes guidance and knowledge comes straight from the cosmos itself.

Anthony is an unapologetic speaker who talks openly about the disadvantages of weak emotions and submissive and passive attitudes while emphasizing the importance of utilizing courage, dominance, bravery, consistency and pride in every decision in life.



Anthony will make you think outside the box and push you out of your tunnel vision while motivating and challenging your own limits, diving deep into your inner self while expanding your horizons. He will guide you through insightful spiritual practices answering your existential questions from different angles and strategically showing many perspectives while simultaneously uncovering misinformation and disinformation.

Here, you will find open discussions and respectful debates and authentic life struggles and motivational stories which lead listeners towards courageous, empowered and brave decision making, spiritual awakening and mental well being.

This podcast concept has been one of the highest excitements of Anthony’s for a very long time in his current timeline, and now it has finally come to full fruition.

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