Public Speaking

Anthony is an international speaker and educator offering private seminars, workshops and courses in Canada, the USA, Europe, Russia and the UAE. He completed tours in both the USA, Emirates and Europe in 2022, with visits to over 28 cities.

Anthony proudly holds a recognized position in the professional channeling industry as an outspoken extradimensional trance channeler and he takes tremendous pride in forwarding authentic interstellar and celestial intelligence to humans with an open mind and pure intent desiring tremendously higher forms of galactic and universal information.

He is a proud speaker on the subjects of ET ED consciousness, Soul evolvement and mental development, professional channeling and the current involvement of other off-planet ED ET species with humanity, spirituality and life empowerment. He is known for his boldness, uniqueness, full transparency & deep diving into some of the most unique interstellar fields and topics.

His presentations, seminars and courses include rare and unique information on how to effectively and efficiently channel, how to remove fears and heal traumas, how to connect to ET ED consciousnesses, preparations for physical external ET contact, Galactic hybridization programs and ancient DNA revisions, the true involvement of Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional (ET ED) races with humanity, the history of ancient pyramids and civilizations, mental psychic warfare and removal of 3rd eye blackness, increasing telepathy and dangers of geoengineering agendas.

Anthony presents deep interstellar insights into the energetics of emotions and mechanics of human incarnation, ED ET consciousnesses and profound wisdom originating from celestial and interstellar sources. His teachings on how to integrate powerful spirituality into daily life in grounded and practical ways are extremely beneficial for anyone who is seeking dynamic personal growth, to remove fears and traumas, and to expand their horizons and build their own mental and psychic warfare.

Anthony’s mission is to deeply impart to humans that there are no external saviors and that no external entity or deity is coming to save humans and hand out 5D access and take them to some non-existent heavenly utopia. His teachings center on providing solid information for humans to break free from 3D limitations, inner fears and blockages, realizing their full potential as proud members of the human race with multidimensional DNA.

His conversations go far beyond the boring and standard spiritual “Love-Light-Unicorn-Rainbow” conversations done by amateurs addicted to escaping reality. Expect to find answers even to the questions you didn’t even ask; answers that will shock and make you question your entire existence. Anthony will discuss how to challenge human beliefs and limits in life while exploring dominant ways to infuse truth, empowerment, fearlessness, courageous decision-making, excitements, confidence, bravery and pride into daily life along with thought-provoking segments of authentic Galactic intelligence and channeled information.

His knowledge is obtained directly from ET ED channeling and contacts with races including Theta Tauri, Teoto, Kalask, DeMonGa, Ciakar, Vortak. This knowledge includes a vast amount of deep galactic and celestial subjects, planetary conflicts and trading, hybridization programs and off-planet technologies, functionality of portals and craft visitations, as well concepts of maximizing human potentials and dimensional limitations, enabling higher percentages of telepathy and DNA access, integration and incorporation of ET ED consciousness, detection of astral avatars and Artificial Intelligence hijacking.

Anthony’s knowledge also covers the removal of human fear and traumas from unconscious and subconscious layers, the integration of the more than 120 Soul layers of the human (both in lower and higher fractal consciousness), and techniques embracing dominant Reptilian mental and psychic warfare to help all humans obtain a more stronger and beneficial life while unlocking the hidden mysteries and keys embedded in all human DNA today.

Anthony is an unapologetic and relentless speaker who talks openly with full transparency about the large disadvantages of weak emotions and fears, submissive and passive attitudes, insecurities and sensitivities, while highlighting the strong importance of using discipline, courage, dominance, bravery, consistency and pride in every decision in life.

Anthony will make you think outside the box, test your belief system and push you out of your destructive tunnel vision. He will motivate and challenge you to test and explore your own limits, digging deep into your inner self while simultaneously growing outward and expanding your horizons. He will guide you through insightful spiritual practices in a straightforward, no nonsense manner, answering your existential questions from different angles and strategically showing you different perspectives while uncovering myths, conspiracies, misinformation and disinformation including standard human conditionings.

Are you bored, unchallenged and distressed by living a mediocre existence?

Are you tired of living in fear and sick of making weak decisions?

Do you know your own limits?

Are you frustrated with humanity and unfairness in the world?

Anthony can and will motivate you to obtain, utilize and project more inner power in your life than you ever thought possible.

He will make you understand that all 3D limitations are self imposed and that fears that are not faced become the actual limits.