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Private sessions with Anthony are available via remotely via StreamYard or in person, and they vary from trance channeling to 1-on-1 coaching or tutoring, classes and seminars, to general educational conversations about authentic Reptilian consciousness and vast of different galactic related topics.

During the channeling session, Anthony will go into a deep and calm altered trance state and intensively connect with a Reptilian consciousness deeply connected to Anthony on multiple Soul layers within 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Density.  Anthony’s channeling will not engage in any medical advice, drama, religious, political, government, or racial discussions, and he does not provide any predictions of the future of any kind.

All human incarnation related inquiries along with any galactic, celestial and interstellar topics are welcome for respectful, mature and professional discussion. Anthony strongly recommends to everyone to have existing pre-qualifications, understanding and awareness of ET ED topics and a fair amount of mental and spiritual growth before any high-ranking and honorable Reptilian consciousnesses would be brought forward. Connection with these honorable beings is not to be taken lightly or immaturely.  Silliness, joking and lightweight questions about trivial matters or drama are unwelcome.

Intense consciousnesses and entity’s that Anthony represents are some of the most dominant, respected, honorable and high-raking Reptilian and/or Alpha Draconian races within 5th and 6th Density in our Galaxy who stand in neutrality and dominance, fearlessness and valor, and all clients are strongly urged to show the highest level of respect, appreciation, gratitude and humbleness when speaking to an entity eliminating usage of any immaturity, arrogance, ego, attitude or pretentiousness.

Anthony is not affiliated directly or indirectly with any government, law enforcement, Ai, religious organization, secret societies or political groups.



Anthony is a professional extradimensional trance channeler and contactee taking pride in forwarding authentic interstellar and celestial intelligence to those with an open mind desiring higher forms of galactic information.

He proudly holds a recognized position in the professional channeling industry as a very outspoken THETA TAURI Reptilian trance channeler and speaker who always provides actionable insights and authentic interstellar intelligence to help people surpass their limits – both personally and socially imposed – and the limiting beliefs and illusions stemming from internet based misinformation and partial truths.

Anthony feels that the prestigious art of professional channeling has always been judged, misunderstood and mislabeled by skeptics, fear mongers, ego maniacs, pessimists and religiously programmed individuals with primitive mindsets as something strange, weird, sinister and bad. These fear-based cynics often refer to channeling as “demonic possession”, “evil”, “impossible” and “conspiracy theory”. This couldn’t be further from the truth and to him this is considered laughable and fear-mongering radical propaganda.

Authentic channeling is a powerful act of energetic and telepathic communication with our Soul layers, our Galactic family and ET ED counterparts. Channeling is truly one of the most organic and highly beneficial tools available for self-transformation.  Proper and authentic channeling enables activation of higher percentages of available telepathy and assists with the reception of interstellar wisdom and intelligence.

It greatly assists with the discovery of the inner self and provides exponential expansion to human spiritual growth and ways to actualize this growth in daily life. The results of properly channeled Interstellar information unfolds long after the session itself has ended but the overall benefits stay forever.

Channeling not only connects each human to their own Soul layers, it also connects them to a vast amount of ET ED consciousnesses which can undo and remove standard human conditionings, programmings, resistances and 3rd eye blackness allowing a person to learn how to become limitless and expanded but never weak, limited, or fearful. True channeling is a powerful and dynamic way to shatter the delusions of fear, mental limits and weakness as living in fear is living in lies.

Anthony’s mission and deepest excitement is to connect and communicate to most dominant, powerful and intense consciousnesses and entity’s regardless of their appearance, density level or energy orientation. These consciousnesses include Reptilian, Alpha Draconian, Humanoid, Aquatic and Feline beings all of whom who reside in different realities, dimensions and densities. Anthony then proudly forwards the profound information conveyed by these beings to humans in order to to assist them, help them and to inspire them to grow outward mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

His practices include teaching others how to channel and he openly shares his proud life path on completing these rigorous practises and preparations along with methods and tools on how to become a successful channeler. Anthony covers the benefits and application of meditation, grounding, neutralizing, breathing, exchanging consciousness with ED ET entity, using one’s free will and trust, the removal of fear and worries, the integration of different soul layers, visualization and usage of telepathy. He also integrates the chakra system and how to move energy within the body. These are all crucial steps to becoming a channeler, but the most important element is the removal of fear and the elimination of standard human resistances, programming and conditionings. Only by removing and dissolving these fear-based elements along with removal of 3rd eye blackness with proper synchronization of the audio and video in the 3rd eye, can humans obtain higher access of vision and consciousness, mental and psychic abilities, and true spiritual freedom.

Have you been seeking true knowledge and finding only a constant re-hashing of old, stale, useless information? The spiritual community is rife with such nonsense, and the reason is that very few people have true, firm knowledge and actual experience with real extradimensional beings. As a result, many people simply repeat what they heard someone else say. Their knowledge does not come from their own true experience.

Anthony holds disdain for such weak tactics and cowardly acts. He pulls no punches because he believes firmly in the power of connection and removal of weak, fear-based conditioning to move humans into a higher and more complete state of being.

Through assistance of human trusted counterparts in the channeling industry, along with his own willpower and his Soul, Anthony wanted higher and more direct galactic assistance which brought him to the door of some of the highest ranking Reptilian races in our part of the galaxy.

These galactic relationships and ability to trance channel ultimately came into fruition in 2021 which makes Anthony one of the few humans in the professional channeling industry that has present and approved direct connections with vast of Reptilian and Alpha Draconian races as well as official channeling agreements with few Humanoid and Reptilian Races including THETA TAURI.

His goal is to build a bridge via trance channeling between open-minded humans and ET ED races/consciousnesses and along the way help others create deeper connections with themselves and ET ED energies to create a greater and more positive impact on the world.

He sees professional channeling as an avenue by which to ignite the powerful consciousness inside of him to push his own limits as well as a powerful tool to open and connect all of the parts of himself, his Soul and the different layers of his own Lower fractal, Higher fractal, Oversoul and galactic counterparts.

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