Private Sessions

Private 1-on-1, 60-minute sessions with Anthony are available in person or remotely via StreamYard.  During a private channeling session, Anthony will enter a deep, calm, and safe altered trance state to connect with his galactic counterparts.

Anthony will be in a full trance state meaning he will not be aware of your questions or answers, as Anthony will facilitate your confidential conversation using his own body and mind using both telepathic and channeling abilities.

Fee: US $500 by appointment only.

Group Sessions

Private group 60-minute sessions with Anthony are available in person or remotely via StreamYard for a maximum of 4 people. Each participant will be allowed to ask their questions one by one, in rotation – one question at a time per person, at which point rotation will start over.

During a private channeling session, Anthony will enter a deep, calm, and safe altered trance state to connect with his galactic counterparts.

Fee: US $250 per person (max of 4 people per group) by appointment only.

Expos & Conferences

Anthony takes great pride in forwarding the knowledge and wisdom he obtains directly from his galactic counterparts by teaching, tutoring, and presenting a vast amount of galactic, celestial, and interstellar wisdom from a variety of different Reptilian and Draconian races.

Industry-related conferences, expos, gatherings, festivals, and trade shows have the opportunity to feature Anthony as an authorized event speaker on topics such as Soul structure, Channeling, Reptilian and Alpha Draconis consciousness.

Anthony can be found exhibiting at many spiritual, UFOlogy, wellness, and channeling industry shows and events within North America and Europe, featuring already familiar 10ft LED interactive expo booth.

Visit our NEWS page for the full upcoming event list, locations and dates.

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats will range in scope and focus to include wellness, nature, self love, healing, trauma removal and channeling. These are full-service retreats where meals will be prepared by a private chef, and Reiki, yoga, reflexology and/or massage therapy will be included along with private group trance channeling sessions by Anthony.  In addition, Anthony will also teach a private How-To-Channel 2 day course.

These 3-day retreats will be a tremendous boost for the consciousness, the mind, the body, and soul growth and will be focused on empowerment, mental and emotional strength, psychic network flow, and telepathy.

There is rising popularity for an alternative way to recharge mind, body & mind. Spiritual retreats focused on channeling will reset both body and mind and help participants learn how to channel, using the the core principles of channeling and telepathy. In addition, the purpose of such a retreat is to establish a direct connection with the Soul, cultivate self-awareness and inner peace, forge lifelong friendships and connections, and rejuvenate your being and the lives of those around you while establishing an authentic connection to your spirituality.

Upcoming retreats will be posted on our NEWS page and the authorized social media channels listed on this website.

Session Policy

  • Any derivative, deceptive and/or manipulating use of audio or/and video files, KALASK™ or/and CANADIAN AWARENESS™ name, picture or logo, Anthony’s voice or social media content, and any other ancillary items and material owned by CANADIAN AWARENESS LLC without prior express, approval and permissions directly from Anthony is strictly prohibited.
  • Group and private session participants agree and understand that Anthony will create an audio and/or a video audio recording of the group or private session and email it to you directly within 48 hours of the session completion.  14 days post-session, the link will be removed and permanently deleted.
  • Your audio file will not be shared, given, sold, posted and/or forwarded to anyone except the person who participated in the private session. We will take appropriate technical and organizational precautions to secure your session file stored temporary with Streamyard.
  • By scheduling and receiving a private or group session (either in person or via Streamyard) with Anthony, the client expressly and automatically agrees to fully abide by the terms of the entire session policy.
  • Client cancellations and/or rescheduling is allowed without penalty with justified reasons.  A full refund or a new session will be given to you as an option.  Anthony reserves the right to cancel or/and reschedule scheduled sessions for justified reasons.
  • No Refunds for any No-Show at the time of your scheduled session.
  • The preferred payment method is PayPal, bank E-Transfer and/or credit card payment via PayPal.
  • Our website, social media and all services are targeted at persons over 18 for the purposes of education, awareness, wellness, mental and spiritual growth.


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