UFO Mega Conference 2022

At the 2022 UFO Mega Conference in Bally’s Hotel Casino Las Vegas between March 19-27, 2022, Anthony will share his experiences and communication with several Extraterrestrial Reptilian races which ultimately led him to become a professional trance channeler.

In addition, he will share the rare view of the actual hierarchy of the powerful Alpha Draconian Empire, describing the primary and secondary Reptilian races within and outside of the Empire, as well as other known Reptilian races within our Galaxy ranging from Draco, Thuban, Theta Tauri, Bootes, Teoto, Rigel, Capella, Sculptor, Bellatrix, Cetus, to provide truthful transparency of these galactic races, their density level and planetary systems, their involvement with humans and existence in this Galaxy.

1 hr presentation with custom 3D renderings and depictions.

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