Official Kalask Channeling Contract 2024

In January 2024, Anthony has had the sincere honor to have been selected as the official channeler and representative of 6.9 Density Alpha Draconian ancient Reptilian race named KALASK residing on the Thuban star within the Draco Constellation.

Since the beginning of 2023, Anthony has been in direct communication and visitations by the official representatives of KALASK group, along with members of DEMONGA and MORKUL, which ultimately after almost 1 year of strict monitoring and verifications, the official long-term channeling contract was granted by the Council of KALASK.

Anthony will devote 2024 calibrating and tuning his own direct connection while practicing bringing the connection forward with assigned members of KALASK group who have already begun (Jan 2024) rigorous frequency calibrations, energy injections and consciousness integration to achieve the maximum level of effective and efficient, yet interminable and uninterrupted connection.

To be placed on a waiting list for private sessions in Q1 of 2025, contact us directly.

To view Anthony’s official KALASK introduction and announcement of channeling contract video:


autism health summit 2024

Between Feb 2-3, 2024, Anthony will be at 2024 Autism Health Summit held at JW Marriott San Antonio Resort in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Join us for this extraordinarily conference featuring some of the world’s top medical experts exposing Covid hoax and vaccination genocide that has occurred across the world in last few years as well presentations exposing how toxic vaccinations are causing alarming increase in Autism.

Conference will feature: Del Bigtree, Mikki Willis, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Brian Hooker, Dr James Neuenschwander, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Jerry Kartzinel, Dr James Lyons Weiler, Dr Jin Xiong She, Dr Bob Miller, Dr Andreas Boettcher, Dr Jared Skowrun, John Hewlett, Maija C Hahn, Tapley Holland, Barry Smeltzer, Tracy and Steve Slepcevic, Robert Scott Bell, Dawnmarie Gaivin, Simone Lanham, Geoff Sewell, Julie Mathews, Amy Bohn, Stephanie Locricchio, Lisa Stillman, Ryan Today, Pastor Leon Benjamin.

Autism Health Summit website:

CITD Conference 2024

Between May 29-June 4, 2024, Anthony will be at CITD Contact In the Desert 2024 Conference held at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort Hotel in Indian Wells, CA, USA, offering professional trance 1-on-1 channeling sessions, tutoring and training with pre-approved and qualified new clients.  By appointment only.

Following CITD 2024 Conference, Anthony will be in Las Vegas, NV, USA, for 3 additional days.


CITD website:

New Life Expo 2024

Between March 15-18, 2024, Anthony will be at New Life Expo 2024 held at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Deerfield Beach, FL, USA, offering professional trance channeling, tutoring and training with pre-approved and qualified new clients. By appointment only.

Following New Life Expo, Anthony will be present in the Fort Lauderdale area for 5 additional days.


New Life Expo website:

LA Conscious Expo 2024

Between February 3-15, 2024, Anthony will be at LA Conscious Life Expo 2024 held at the LAX Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, USA, exhibiting at Booth 155 inside of International exhibit hall on main ground floor, between the hours of 10AM – 6PM each day.  Anthony’s 45 min presentation on How-To-Channel will be held on Sunday Feb 11th, 2024 at 6pm in Century Room C.

Our team will be in Venice Beach, CA, on Monday Feb 12th 2024 for live video recording of social media content, with 1pm-3pm lunch at The Great White Restaurant.


Conscious Life Expo website: